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The maca root is grown high in the mountains of Peru. In spite of getting a single of the shortest members of the Peruvian volleyball squad, she was a single of the greatest players in the history of game in an era when her country had been devastated by a single of Latin America’s worst conflicts (in the course of those troubled instances, the Peruvian squad was an exception in Planet sports). Her Olympic leadership was (and as coach at present) really equivalent to the former goalkeeper José Luis Chilavert of Paraguay, who was usually referred to as a single of the world’s best footballers in the past half-century. Right after a 23-year sporting career, Málaga officially retired from the sport in 2003. Following Peru’s declining volleyball image, she turned to coach. She wants to put the Latin American republic back into the international race.

From 1980 to 2003, Natalia Málaga was in no way left outside of the country’s senior team, but she was the bottom reserve due to her international inexperience and quick height (1,70m-tall). But she struggled from the beginning to be accepted as a single of the six principal athletes right after winning a berth as newcomer to attend the 1980 Moscow Summer season Games, where she at 16 became a single of the youngest entries. By this time, her dream was to grow to be a single of the sportswomen of the country’s national sextet at the 1984 Los Angeles Games. And that was specifically what she did.

With a fighting spirit, Málaga led Peruvian delegation to a fourth spot in the 1984 Summer season Games,following a historic win over South Korea, twice worldwide junior champion (1977 & 1981). This match was robust from the commence: Peru beat SK 3-2 with the following scores: 15-8, 15-6, 7-15, 6-15, 15-13 Peru’s very first victory over SKorea given that the 1960s. Two years earlier, the Latin American republic was upset by SK -3 in the FIVB Women’s Planet Championships on residence soil, a single of the world’s main sporting occasions.

Right after declining an invitation to compete at an international meet on Cuba’s capital city, the South American title-holders went to Korea in the quest for the Olympic glory. Aside from Málaga, the nation’s sportswomen have been led by the future Hall of Famers Cecilia Tait and Gaby Pérez. Soon afterward, they gained a measure of historic revenge when the national side overcome the People’s Republic of China 3-2, sparking off celebrations on residence soil. Significantly less than six years just before the national team gained its very first Olympic medal, at residence, Peru -a contingent created up of nine rookies- was upset by China in the gold-medal match at the FIVB Planet Championship.

At the 2003 South American Tournament, Málaga competed for the last time at international level, but she failed to lead an Asian-style play against Brazil (-3) and Argentina (2-3). Previously, Málaga was thrust into the spotlight in 2000 as she had been the athlete to inspire her delegation to win a berth for the Sydney 2000 Games in the course of the SA Women’s Olympic Games Qualification Tournament on residence soil, following a win over Argentina (3-2). Over the next years, her post on the national squad was taken by Leyla Chihuan (a skilled athlete-turned- congresswoman given that July 2011).

Upon witnessing Peru’s win, Málaga mentioned, “This is a really crucial step in preparation for the FIVB Planet Championship here and I am really glad since it was a single of our greatest games”. A month earlier, in Could 2011, she and the Peruvian women’s instruction squad embarked on a four-week tour of Europe (Serbia, Turkey, Slovakia, Italy, and Spain), an international expertise that was a crucial to win the Pan American gold medal.

Zoila Huaman Correa: She was born on March 1, 1995 in Lima, Peru, beginning her sporting career at Deportivo Huanca. Huaman is a single of the youngest players for the pre-Peruvian side. She has a host of on the internet fans that want to see her as an official player on the Peruvian team. Since of her height, Huaman could be a multi-talented middle blocker as was Gabriela Pérez del Solar in the course of her Olympic career in the latter half of the 80s and early 90s. A duet Zoila Huaman (1,90m) – Ginna López (1,85m) would be a excellent machinary to make points against Argentina and Brazil, both teams make up of giants. She earned a spot on Peru’s national beneath-18 squad that competed at the beneath-18 Pan American Championship.

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