This mouse had part of a rear casing on a small hinge. It was marketed since before Win This mouse has left button with unusual cursor-like shape and its color is like Win95’s desktop. Presence of TrackPoint-like scroll stick allows to smoothly scroll around in degree angle. You may also like. The “off” amount and percentage simply signifies the calculated difference between the seller-provided price for the item elsewhere and the seller’s price on eBay. It was made since late and when Microsoft released a new OS it got only a new box with new system names, last one near

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This mouse has left button with unusual cursor-like shape and its color is like Win95’s desktop. Microsoft Home Mouse Port: Cable is attached with connector.

PC – Mice – MCbx

In Microsoft released Windows 95, their kouse operating system. Web page about this mouse. It was marketed since before Win After producing first mouse design it became clear that users prefer to make their palm rest entirely on mouse instead of moving it by fingers only.

Later units came with heavier balls and their accuracy improved much.

Logitech 850631 2 Button Ps-2 Mouse M-s34

Re-soldering them works for a short time, so it’s better to replace contacts – if you don’t have spare one replace with middle-button’s contact: When it was put up, it forced finger grip, in which mouse is moved mostly with fingers.


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This mouse was popular in lates and earlys low-end and home systems as it was cheap and there was opinion that it won’t fall apart after few months like EasyMice shown above. By putting it down, mouse could be held with a palm.

Logitech Wired Trackball Mouse

It is a typical PC 3-button mouse connected to serial port, made by CCW, but similar mice were also sold with Genius brand. Quality is good, as in Logitechs, and it’s quite reliable mouse – I’ve used it with my Pentium machine for years. Unfortunately it has one flaw: Inside, these mice were made as cheap as possible, but not with total quality neglect.

The design is quite interesting, especially comparing to then-popular white mice. Show More Show Less. Then they expanded line of Microsoft Home software mostly known from Plus!

However, mouae frequently larger mice were sold. This dark-blue-green color had survived for a few years in different mice models, not only in Microsoft. There is only one exception and not in all cases – sometimes if you press two buttons simultaneously and power PC on, some mainboards will not start.


Click moues to see description. If you loose the a34, you have to disassemble the mouse and put it back on a spring as it is easy to remove it while cleaning. And not much was to modify in this model – it’s a typical mouse with 2 buttons More, its popularity was never too big. It has 3 buttons and it’s a mutation of “EasyMouse”. This was a really resilient mouse. This mouse was very popular in and and it was the cheapest mouse around for a long time.

Device Compatibility for Vetra Systems KVM Products

All my content and ptohos. It was supplied with a small manual and usually no disk – as Windows 95 supports it.

Well, this is a puzzle logutech me. Without IBM’s drivers, in Windows 9x it was behaving erratically simulating a very fast wheel.

Ball mouse, 3 buttons Approx.

Simple, cheap, and sufficient in most cases these times. Usually they were replaced with wheel mice, and first A4Tech’s wheel mice had much worse quality than mice like this one.