Surface Smoothness or roughness: First thing that went was the left mouse button. While I’ve never used a Razer or anything exotic, this is easily the best mouse I’ve ever owned. I’ve already changed this one and it’s replacement is exactly the same. Put it in the cradle, nothing. Perhaps finding the original drivers will help. Both mice have a very weak battery, so if the red light turns on, i have less than 30 minutes left, but I got used to this.

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On the mac side it’s equally worthless. I wish Logitech would come up with an answer to fix this.

I’m hoping i can find my MX box so I can try for a warranty replacement. Anyone that knows of other mice that are made by logitech are encouraged to list them here so that we can all avoid them, or I am setting up a forum today at http: I used a KVM switch, and each time i switched between my mac and PC, the mouse drivers would go stupid.

I loved it, but now it’s a waste of space.

I read the forums posts detailing what they did to get these problems It won’t scroll Visual Studio at all. If anyone knows who Logitech’s registrar is, they should post that as well so consumers can contact the registrar directly with these complaints and unresolved issues to force some action on Logitech’s logiech. I’ve already changed this one and it’s replacement is exactly the same.


By the way, I found logitsch review to be very helpful. I suspect that an upgrade of the drivers is the reason why the mouse now behaves erratically.

This mouse is terrible. I have the feeling you won’t need to replace it for a very long time! Not dirty, contacts have no markings or crud, nothing inside cradle. Is it me or is it not possible to do this with this mouse? There are currently people online. The coherent nature of laser light creates patterns of high contrast when its light is reflected from a surface. I have used mine for about 3 months now and it has worked great for only about 3 weeks of that.

You may want to try this. I use it pretty heavily, every day. Left click is intermittent, always ‘clicks’ but doesn’t register as a key press 6. Some one who surfs the net doesn’t need an MX But lasers also conjure up images of destructive ray guns, a staple of science-fiction movies.

Logitech Mx1000 Wireless Laser Cordless Mouse USB – M-rag97

I took the button apart and cleaned it and bent the logitehc for more positive click and it’s been fine since. An Excellent mouse for FPS ,i play a lot of battlefield 2 and this mouse is highly accurate to the point that mouse pads are pointless as it makes no difference what the surface is.


Its starting to drive me nuts. Open a graphics program, set it to “paint” ie create a line whereever the mouse goes 3.

We have a boardroom environment. You can have a slow mouse, or a jumpy mouse, settings don’t allow for anything in between. The battery has been slowly draining and the mouse no longer charges in the dock. Battery is fully charged.

Logitech Mx Wireless Laser Mouse Cordless 8 Button MX | eBay

In this review we’ll take a closer look to see Logitech’s promises are true. It tops the league table by a country mile in the list of the worlds most useless items money can buy, easily beating the solar powered torch, and heated refrigerator. That’s why there lasee re-releases, and second issues.