I have tried both Smart Wifi and myrouter. The main network is working and I can access the Internet. This process of opening a port is frequently called a port forward , since you are forwarding a port from the internet to your home network. Login to your Cisco Linksys EA router. This router has two different sections that allow you to forward ports. We think that forwarding a port should be easy.

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Fastest Way to Forward Ports on the Cisco Linksys EA3500 Router

The sleek and stylish design is sure not to be an eyesore in your home office and it includes a 4-port Gigibit switch to connect to your PC, printer, and other deskbound networking items.

I have not installed the cisco connect software.

It will also create the new wireless network with the unique name and password. Linksys EA router setup using Cisco connect: The name is only used as a reminder and has no effect linlsys the port forward. Your router has a web interface, so you will login to it using your web browser.

Cisco Linksys EA3500 Reviews, Specification, Price & Best Deals

Default ea35000 settings for Linksys EA If you have performed a reset of your EA device or not changed the defaults, you should be able to access it with the following settings: To forward a range of ports, click Port Range Forwarding.


With a USB storage device, you linkxys easily share disk storage with other users in your network. For more wireless bandwidth, EA can create two 2 simultaneous yet separate wireless-N networks, one using the 5 GHz radio frequency band and one using the 2. For example, you may use the wireless-N 2. Wireless network connection on Wondows or MAC computers.

I did not install Cisco connect software so I am not sure where to find these settings. If you haven’t yet changed the defaul password, we recommend that you change it first thing you do after logging in. Can not connect to the wireless network on new laptop.

Run the program and at the end it will connect you to the Internet. Put a name for this forward in the Application Name box so that you can remember why you set this forward up. The software will do all the settings on its own.

Fastest Way to Forward Ports on the Cisco Linksys EA Router

The Guest Access feature makes sharing Internet access to other wireless devices possible while maintaining maximum security to your home network. One section allows you to forward a range of ports, and the other allows you to forward a single port. You will get all the wireless settings at the end of the installation.

EA can run an ever expanding selection of apps for accessing your home network and the devices connected to it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


Do you still have questions concerning the router that you can’t find online? Your can reset your Linksys EA in the following way s: Change Lin,sys connection settings on Linksys EA We couldn’t find any specific instructions for flashin OpenWrt on the Linksys EA, but since it’s listed in their Table linkxys Hardware as supported, you can head over to the OpenWrt install instructions and read on there.

What is Linksys EA default password? If you are only forwarding a single port number then enter that number into both the Start Port and the End Port boxes. Yes, App Enabled — Setup: Our software does everything that you need to forward a port. There is no need to install the Cisco software to create guest access which was necessary for E, E, E routers.

Setup page is the page where you can change the settings of EA manually.

Plus, optimize your online libksys with included apps. Download the latest firmware from Linksys website and upgrade it if it not running on the new one.