Click Upload to replace the existing driver and make it available immediately. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Many databases, including MySQL, also require the user grants to include the specific host from which connections are allowed. In this case, the same database returns a message is fairly explicit about the reason behind the failure of the connection. However, I prefer to not deploy a new version of this application for the sake of an added jasper template, so I’d like to do the following instead:

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If your driver has more than one JAR file, click the Browse button that appears after selecting the first file. I received the error on studio, I used the same string that is working on the other oracle adapter.

As I said in my original question: Configuring Microsoft SQL Server involves many things and enumerating all possible source of issue would be too jaspegserver to be described here and generally unrelated with JasperReports. If you only need to use the driver for this specific data adapter, you can instead add the driver on the data adapter’s Driver Classpath tab.

Connecting JasperReports Server to your Database | Jaspersoft Community

I have downloaded odjc7. Here is the code for Main: You can replace any driver that you upload with newer versions of the same driver. Click Submit to save your changes. After these modifications jaspdrserver will need to restart the application server for this settings to take effect. Right click the GlobalPropertiesList resource and select Edit from the context menu.


To update a JDBC driver: See administering JasperReports Server. Below you will find some links that may assist you in finding the JDBC driver for your reporting database.

Jasper(Soft) : Use multiple Oracle-Database datasources for single report – Stack Overflow

If you need to connect to another database, you will need to first acquire the appropriate JDBC driver and add it the application server’s classpath. Check your connection to the database. You can now use this driver to create a ard source, and the driver will be installed when other administrators create data sources.

As described in the procedure below, the system admin can add, replace, or remove JDBC drivers through the user interface, without needing to restart the server. The Select Driver dialog appears and notifies you that selecting a ads will overwrite the existing one.

If everything’s okay, you’ll see this message:.

Jaspersoft Studio has no driver for this database. What I could do is just add lracle year to the parameter list I send to Jasper for every template in this folder, in which case it will use the id for all the existing templates, and the year for this new one.

Create New Jsbc Page. In some cases, this can cause problems when trying to test and save data adapters. Test Confirmation Dialog When tests fails, the most common exceptions are: Now I’ve added a new jasper template, which has to use a different datasource based on a year parameter, in this same folder.


Managing JDBC Drivers

The Select Driver dialog appears. You will need it on the next step. One thing though which can happen is, in the situation when you use MSSQL setup to use windows authentication credentials and thus you don’t need to pass any username or password in the JNDI connection, you may get a connection failure due to the way the Windows Service which starts JasperReports Server oracl setup.

See I do have a working adapter but it does not fill reports and I wanted to create a new one to see what the reason could be. After you’ve inserted all the data, click the Test button to verify the connection.

Use the parameter id with datasource 1 to query for the year I need Use this year as parameter with datasource 2 to create the query for the actual jasper report template So my question: What I’ve done is the following: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Email Required, but never shown.

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