This fact is also confirmed by results in Unreal Tournament — this game is critical to memory settings. It’s equipped with a passive chipset cooling system with heat pipes and an additional graphics port. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: We have tested many nForce SLI-based motherboards. But in reality, it has only four PCI Express lanes. If you like to connect a computer to consumer electronics via a digital channel, you’ll be pleased to have on-the-fly encoding of a multi-channel stream into DTS and Dolby Digital formats. Performance tests Testbed configuration:

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The idea of stable power supply is perfected in Crosshair there are no capacitors at all. The advantage is illustrative including subjective audition.

Ite ItF S Audio Pcware Driver Download

Even though the nForce a chipset has been launched already, nForce SLI is still the leading chipset for Socket AM2 — in auido words, motherboards based on this chipset are the most rigged retail offers for early March, It may also come in handy in future for asymmetric SLI configurations, where the third video card will be used for computing physics in games.

According to specs, it’s PCI Express x8.

Testing the integrated audio quality The integrated audio quality of each model was tested in 16bit, 44 kHz using RightMark Audio Analyzer 5. Performance tests Testbed configuration: Equally-priced Core 2 Duo and Athlon 64 X2 processors demonstrate similar performance.

The port with doubled throughput is installed on the rear panel, and the standard ports can be installed on bundled brackets. If you like to connect a computer to consumer electronics via a digital channel, you’ll be pleased to have on-the-fly encoding of a multi-channel stream into DTS and Dolby Digital formats. Connector for a chassis intrusion sensor, three connectors for thermal sensors.


Video 3Digests Video cards: And you should really see the Crosshair “in flesh”, a brief description is useless. Gigabyte’s model is positioned higher. All the three come with passive cooling systems of different configurations.

Motherboard Roundup: 7 Products On NVIDIA nForce SLI (Socket AM2)

Along with an offer to save on an external sound card even some hard-driving users will be pleased with itMSI highlights the elite nature of its product the Diamond model comes with a “club card”, which can be used to register on the official web site and get a special BIOS with extended overclocking options and enhanced performance.

Now what concerns the comparison of competing platforms. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Conclusions Roundups of motherboards on top chipsets rarely reveal explicit leaders and outsiders.

At the same time, nForce SLI-based motherboards are getting more and more practical: But there are some nuances: But they need practically no additional ventilation even in overclocked mode under ot8716f-s – that’s what differs them from more compact designs from Gigabyte and MSI.

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However, we are not going to persuade our readers, we’ll test motherboards and draw conclusions. And ASUS offers three models for different target audiences. BioShock Infinite and Metro: But in reality, it has only ih8716f-s PCI Express lanes.


Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: They will certainly be more interesting it88716f-s the target audience of such systems, who is keen on breaking records, than modern dual-core Athlon 64 FX processors of the 70th series. CPU overclocking options, including voltage control and other tweaks, are available in all our motherboards.

It makes them more attractive to owners of good IDE devices, which should be preserved after upgrade. It goes without saying that there is a point in buying a motherboard with SLI support especially based on the top chipset only if you are interested in modern 3D games or if you build a graphical station and need expanded peripheral functionality of this chipset. So this article will sum our reviews up.

MSI Auio Diamond shoots forward in computational tests if this word is appropriate for several percents of difference. Nevertheless, to get excellent overclocking results, you should get a CPU cooler, which can also blow at chipset heatsinks in all cases fortunately, they are rather close to each other. Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. The additional slot can be used for the third video card in a multi-monitor configuration.