I am pretty sure it is not Linux but something I am doing or not doing that is the issue. It will probably help too. What’s up with that? Ad-Hoc networks are usually used for a short period of time for the purpose of sharing or transferring files. Then select the correct number in the Key index advanced box. I never had to set up wireless before.

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HP Pavilion Zv Wireless WiFi Card Brcm | eBay

Message 3 of 9. A service guide isn’t available for your model, but this explains it on page 43 page-wise, not pdf-wise posted by ijoyner at 7: Then for some reason, I looked under the lip of the front of the PC, and saw the wireless light was orange.

Wirelesd select the correct wireles in the Key index advanced box. An Ad-Hoc wireless network is a peer to peer configuration generally between two computers.

HP Notebook PCs – Setting Up a Wireless Local Area Network in Windows XP

You’re very welcome, Cathy. Restarted the modem and router. The driver on the support and driver page is not the newest one.

Results 1 to 10 of Do you have any suggestions? Is the Network Key correct? Message 4 of 9. There is some discussion of “wireless antenna cables” in section 5 of this wireleess.


If you are installing a PCMCIA wireless network adapter, follow the instructions provided with the card to install the correct drivers wjreless software. I also don’t understand why the card shows no wireless networks available.

It is a mistake I will not make again. Where zb500 they go? I thank you very much and boy, is my face red Connecting to the WiFi network With your wireless network adapter installed, your notebook is ready to connect to any access point, wireless router, or ad-hoc network. Message 8 of 9.

How do I install a wireless antenna on a HP ZV laptop? – tech resolved | Ask MetaFilter

If the wireless network that you are connecting to uses standard encrypted communication, check the Data encryption WEP enabled option, and then uncheck the option for The key is provided for me automatically. Unfortunately, the adapter is still shown as unconnected.

The previous owner had bp laptop connected to a wireless network, but I don’t know any particulars. September 20th, 6. Since the computer connects to the network by radio signals rather than through cables, a person can move from place to place within the network, for example from the office to a conference room, and remain on the network the entire time.


Ad-Hoc networks are usually used for a short period of time for the purpose of sharing wireeless transferring files.

September 20th, 7. If Windows does not recognize the new network, wirelses to the preceding instructions to manually install the wireless network. I’m guessing this thing didn’t ship with wireless so they never ran the wires. You can get a low profile USB wireless card for 20 bucks.

If the settings you have configured are correct, the network name is listed in the preferred networks list. Wireless Network Connection icon. Most home wireless networks or small business wireless networks use the wireless router to connect users to each other and the Internet. My recommendation is to have a friend come over that may know bz5000 about wireless networking.

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