Looking from the front, there is a cover on the right side held in place by one T10 Torx head screw. My HP Officejet Pro c works fine, but it will not switch off. Thanks again, I really appreciate it. Thanks for the response, but cleaning these rollers did not help. Hello Bert, I have nothing but praise for your advice. The printing side of this unit is only printing half of the page and then not feeding the page out fully. Thanks for marking this as the answer.

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Remove as much of much of the congealed ink as possible with a slot style screwdriver. Also, make sure the paper is pushed in far enough for the paper to be picked up.

Hope that helps a bit.

It’s a little messy so you may want to wear latex gloves. It’ll have to wait though. There is a dog clutch mechanism which is activated by the print cartridges moving to the left. Then, the unit will not either print or copy at all.

I looked and the blue clip that holds the black ink cartridge down was all crooked. Not sure how to get into machine and what to tighten up when I do get in.


You can replace it fairly easily yourself lro you want to spend that much money. Does the printer show signs of life other than the scanner error and fading display, e.

hp officejet pro c | FixYourOwnPrinter

I took it in and out a few times. A ‘mountain’ of ink builds up in the service station and eventually reaches the top. Scrap out as much congealed ink as possible and soak the service station in bp water. It is the dog clutch that starts things off. Hi Bert, Hpc gives scanner bulb ifficejet message. Greg, You also have to put a few drops of lubricant on the carriage rail, shiny rod. Installed the service station back and it’s printing like NEW!!!

HP Officejet Pro 1150c / 1150cse All-in-One Driver 1.0 for Win 2000

If this fails, the paper isn’t raised. Remove offocejet paper tray by squeezing the release levers on the bottom and then clean the large rubber feed rollers with water.

All the xl Donne Marshall. Can you give some advice on how to proceed? It may mean something to insiders but they are not sharing it with the outside world. What kind of error is this?

Again, thank you much for your post. Synthetic or silicone based light oil only, avoid sprays. I have two old HP I wish I could get some more for spares!


I purchased my office jet pro C in and have never experienced any problems since day one. Hi I’m having issues with this printer and I need to try to figure out how to fix it. The printing just seems to stop half way down the page, the printer does not x to be evening trying to print the rest of the information on the page, or clear officejdt page from the around the spindle.

I tried everything to fix it and was about to give up when I read your solution.

hp officejet pro 1150c

Reinstall the service station with the rotary mechanism in the offlcejet position it was in when removed. Thanks for the response, but cleaning these rollers did not help. Is there anyway to fix this. I put in yet another new HP45 black cartridge and the pooling of black ink on either side of the nozzle plate was noted.