The Mac-speak is beyond me. I hope to buy a new printer someday. Removing the right cover 1. I have even used it for photos and while it does lack some on that project, it does a pretty good job of them if you do the settings properly! Any suggestions will be appreciated. I don’t bother unless I’m doing a complete refurb.

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It’s slow and the print out is good.

HP Deskjet 812c

I’ve tried cleaning the contacts on both cartridges and in the carrier. Full-width-space Character Code Microsoft offers a free antispyware software download.

I have had my C for quite a while. My C was not printing and the printer cartridge light was blinking.

I have 81c2 replacing ink cartridges but I can’t get it to print any color but magenta. Works like a charm. I’ts much more convenient to go with the HP Deskjet C. Replacing An Inkjet Print Cartridge Uninstall Acrobat Reader and then go to the Programs folder and delete any Acrobat folders that may have been left behind.


I assume that you are allowing XP to auto detect the printer.

Cell Width uint IIRC, in the past I’ve always seen all three colors clearly even with a dry paper towel. I searched the deskjett for pink flu and blot test and I came up with nothing.

hp deskjet c | FixYourOwnPrinter

I use multiple printers and on occasion I accidentally send the wrong print job 8812c the c. I have reinstalled the driver, reset the cartridge, removed all tape etc. Is there a way to get the roller assembly to freely roll for this operation?

Try reading this post and the answer to it: I have to admit though, those warnings from MS can be intimidating. I thought xeskjet perhaps the black ink cartridge was out of ink and it defaulted to the color ink cartridge. Reduction And Elimination Finding The Hp Deskjet Toolbox There I just saved you some money: Thanks for your kind input.

HP Deskjet 812c – printer – color – ink-jet Series

The Blot Test will probably show you that one of your colors is not printing. The number of the cartiage. There are no tools other than those included with Windows XP. Is there something similar for this type of printer?


It then keeps telling that assembly to keep moving and can even cause it to slam into the end of the printer, when it gets real dirty and drskjet. Can’t find any on HP’s list. When you open the printer cover the printer head is suppose to move to the center but it doesn’t move at all and won’t print anything. If You Have Problems Installing Try cleaning the electrical contacts carefully and gently, with Distilled Water on Q-Tips or on a lint free rag. I can print black and white perfectly.

I have a Windows XP.