No accessories are included if not pictured or specifically noted. All non-new items containing the following: They have to fit into the amount of bytes you write the last option to nand write. Registered protocol family 16 Kirkwood: Took longer than expected, but as it seems Globalscale had some issues with the power supplies and they were replaced before shipping the GuruPlugs.

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By default the Plug acts as a broadband access point. Customer satisfaction is our priority. Using static regulatory domain info cfg Freight Shipments A contact name, current phone number and company name are required for all shipments.

HCI device and connection manager initialized Bluetooth: The Bureaus of U. Please contact us in the event that payment cannot be made within seven jtg as payment arrangements can be made. The main issue with that is that booting from USB still seems to be buggy even for FAT partitions and that ext2load is still not supported.


Now we need to set the necessary boot options. Synthesizing the initial hotplug events…done. Patches and comments are welcome!. Additional shipping charges may apply if shipping details or location change.

Calling CRDA for country: Registered tcp transport module.

Starting Network Interface Plugging Daemon: Do you need a lift gate truck for your drop off location? Otherwise it works well: The only way to get access to the serial port is the JTAG module.

What is the shipping gurupug zip code? Does the shipping destination have a docking station or a fork lift? Run printenv and save the output somewhere. We cannot ship to Postal Boxes.

guruplug jtag board RS – Raspberry Pi Forums

Poly-chlorinated biphenyls PCBs 2. Registered udp transport module. If shipping rate varies significantly from the rate automatically calculated by eBay, the buyer will be notified and the differences might be due. All domestic shipments will be shipped with FedEx.

Installing Debian on the guruplug server plus

All items will be securely packaged or palletized and shipped via the best and most economical way possible. Download uImage and uInitrd to your tftpd directory. Took longer than expected, but as it gurupluh Globalscale had some issues with the power supplies and they were replaced before shipping the GuruPlugs.


Attached scsi generic sg0 type 0 sd 1: Please contact us for a return shipping label if you wish to return a purchased item to us. Contact us to make specific changes to your shipping destination.

USB support is buggy and ext2load missing.

You might want to use the noatime option on both filesystems to avoid unnecessary write access to the SDcard. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Mounted root ubifs filesystem on device 0: To expedite the process, please include all eBay item numbers.