Do we know if a runs SL yet? Sorry for oftopic, just wanted to give you guys a heads up if you havent been up to date with games being released. Posted April 16, I don’t want all this other crap but just the video driver, instead I’m forced to download a MB file to get it. If running SL and I need to log in more than one viewer to do some work. Someone told me they have a and are getting a blank screen. Correct Answers – 10 points.

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So, did I missed something, or with the machine I’m working on, I can only use the version I think a lot of residents run into problems mix matching.

I thought they are treated as SLI? Installs HD Audio v1.


What if you run in windows 7 compatibility mode? But strange that when I installed the driver, my second card has a 43 error code and it wont show up in msi ab, but I will do a restart now and see if it goes away. Where did you read the has no shaders? I could rebuild my whole PC for that lol.


Yes there are supposedly driver hacks but I haven’t found any that works. Portal 2 Risen 2: It does not appear to affect bootup speed geforcw it seems odd that the monitor loses signal temporarily. Someone told me they have a and are getting a blank screen.

Below is my sniffer test I did with no problems.

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Alternate Spinning Fan Design. Maximize an application to a single physical display when in Surround mode enabled by default.

Well if SL cannot run on the new cards at all and LL has no plans to change their code to work the way the future is going then it makes sense it appears LL is letting SL attrit itself out for closure soon. We checked his gpu usage in gpu-z and it was a lot lower than mine.

Windows 10 Pro bit Don’t upgrade, especially not to the series. Do we know if a runs SL yet? This is done on purpose so Nvidia can sell more professional line cards, which have basically the same hardware but drivers that are “optimized” for OpenGL, ie, not-crippling.

I have a GTX so an upgrade may be a huge benefit in that regard. Release Highlights Supported products Additional information. You can not post a blank message.


Fr0stx Senior Member Posts: Tue Aug 25 7: I have enough of him reporting his OC woes on every single beta leak, without you encouraging him Yeah whatever, if you dont like it move along, no one is forcing you to read it. To fix this I put the game in windowed mode non-fullscreen and then use Gamecompanion from Buda20 http: Posted May 15, There used to be an advanced debug setting for the older viewer to use Multiple threads.

Kinda scared to push so much volts xD What voltages and clockspeeds are you running right now? When will it stop and they break these things up for a change It wqould probably be benneficial if used in a sceenario like mine. Getorce, it didn’t work also. Crop and Straighten Photos