This site uses cookies for analytics and personalized content. Nevermind; found some very minor texture flickering in OW, but I don’t mind downclocking slightly to eliminate it. Sort of the same thing happened to my brother, Steam showed him that Fallout 4 was uninstalled, but I think he either validated the files or just pushed install and steam re-found the folder. Mine is actually losing performance at stock compared to Resetup the optimized and audio to my mobo sound. No fix for artifacts and crashes on stock clock with the GTX ?

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I used to have problems like that when using a shitty DP cable. I had to figure all that out for myself. I never installed the last driver. That means disabling Hardware-accelerated video decode in chrome: Well, I updated and now The Crew runs much worse. For example, you set 1. Please visit the following Google Documents for full detailed information on how to do Fresh Driver Install.

Control Panel User Guide: Since this post has gained some traction, I might as well use this chance to give you new readers running into the problem some tips for mostly working around triggering the bug, so it’s not as annoying in your daily usage. Will update later this evening. I also have a like the gentleman you replied to. DDU is necessary if you want a clean install for your GeForce drivers. I have even restarted and shutdown my computer two times to see if it was just a fluke.


I am currently running G-Sync is enabled with V-Sync disabled in-game. Do you get that as ggeforce I guess I’ll have to stay on Want to add to the discussion?

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The all-in-one driver sounds great, until you try to actually bundle all the fixes required for every card all the way back to the old numbering scheme pre GTX seriesand have to release a new one for any change in ANY of them. The newest not affected version from the Nvidia Website would be I installed one of the Which video card cooler is right for you.

Sean Compufreak New driver, great – sadly, NVidia still not found the cause for the Hz flickering issues: I may get a hz panel soon so hopefully no issues here, i have 2 screens already though 60 hz maybe i go triple don’t know yet.

Yesterday I put an old monitor for a dual screen setup, and had no issues. It will also be interesting if I notice a difference when I finally can play with Hz again: I do not get 2D clocks with this driver but at least I don’t experience any of the monitor flickering issues and the driver is being pretty stable in my case overall, or at least it seems like it, so I’m just waiting for a driver where this issue is finally completely fixed.


However the lack of downclocking was never really a bug but rather a “safety mechanism” that prevented the memory from downclocking.


Looks like Nvidia and Microsoft need to work together to fix the crashes in New Vegas. Any suspicious processes using either when you’re not doing anything? I dunno about these previous problems.

With the drivers the game just freezes for seconds at a time or until I alt tab it, it’s unplayable that way. My rule of thumb is to wait a few days to ensure we do not get any fatal error such as the I uninstalled GeForce Experience and downloaded the latest version that I found in the website. I have to use the mouse to navigate menus like that but the game runs flawlessly with a much higher frame rate and no slow downs.

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