A lot of times this is caused by other network connections interfering. If you are a registered user you won’t lose your registration. New 17 Nov 1. You have to follow the steps below: Sometimes the issue is caused by the phone dropping the USB debugging interface. After installation when I launch PdaNet I got: Bring up Settings dialog again, click on “More

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How do I register?

Try to connect again and see if it helps. I got error on the PC: Another thing you can try is to click on the PdaNet tray icon and select “Settings” from menu, change the maximum speed to ” IR is slow compared with USB.

You can refer to customizing PdaNet for more details. You can verify this is not a software problem if it ever works fine, or if you have the same problem browsing the web with the Blazer browser on your Treo. We believe this is caused by network congestions on the GPRS servers and some service providers cann’t handle network traffic very well. First of all please ignore the speed indicator on the yellow tray balloon after the connection is established.


Isent a request to them for help on Thursday but have not received a reply.

Anyone use PdaNet?

If you reinstall on the same PC, you should not need to enter your registration code again since it should be remembered on your machine. In the Settings dialog, click on Advanced and confirm. You might have changed your email address, please make sure you entered the original istall in your order receipt email when you made the purchase. However you will be able to get a discount as returning customer.

PdaNet+ Network Driver not installing

In most cases this error is caused by corrupted network configurations on your computer. Also make sure you have subscribed to a data plan on the phone.

A purchased PdaNet license grants you the right to use the software, that’s all. Do you accept Purchase Order? This is due to the default connection settings in Internet Explorer, which you can customize easily. You need to make sure of the following things: There is a bug rboadband the Treo Operating System which should have been fixed. You can check the build number by clicking on the ZA tray icon and select “About”. Our benchmark testing and Treo user feedbacks showed that PdaNet could very often achieved this speed in lots of areas.


Just enter your old serial number when purchasing.

But I have checked the cable and it is connected. The answer is no.

Help installing bluetooth driver. I am about to be driven up the walls here. Please tell me someone here has experienced this.

God, this PDANet PC install is so aggravating 🙁

That is, you can use one PDA to connect to as many computers as you want. You can verify this by opening Device Manager on the computer and see if the “ADB Interface” device is no longer listed.

If you are with Cingular, a lot of our users reported that the phone need to connect a few times with the error before it can finally go through.

When I launch PdaNet I got: The Internet connection established successfully but after a short period of time it bradband. No it does not. And you can even do charging at the same time if you own a charge USB cable.