Monitor AF starts focusing before you even touch the shutter release button. In burst mode, the W took twelve shots in a row at 1. The AF-assist lamp is used as a focusing aid in low light situations, and it doubles as a visual countdown for the self-timer, as well. You can also turn the whole thing off, which is advisable when the camera is on a tripod. On the one hand, it puts the entire range of menu choices under one umbrella; on the other, page after page of unclearly differentiated options is a bit much. The last two buttons on the back of the camera are for entering playback mode, and for starting a slideshow. The camera also includes a zoom viewfinder for when more precision image framing is called for.

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Sony Cyber-shot W Specs – CNET

Beyond the default color mode, users can select the contrast-boosting Vivid option, or Black and White and Sepia modes. For the average shooter, that’s just fine. Does it make sonj difference? Here’s that ISO test that I promised you.

The standard range of metering controls multi-area, center-weighted, spot are available for more involved metering tasks, but the Cyber-shot was accurate enough in this regard that I rarely felt the need to step outside of the default multi-area setting. I should mention a couple of “gotchas” regarding the proprietary battery used by the DSC-W and every other camera on the above list.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Super features which work Using the camera mostly for pictures of people and my little kid, as well as short movies. Finding the right balance in controlling noise has become a persistent issue for Sony compacts, but the company promised noticeable improvements in the aggressiveness of its noise reduction algorithm in the latest batch of Cyber-shots.


Being that it’s completely devoid of manual controls, it’s not a great choice for those who take long exposures, or shoot under unusual lighting conditions. The twilight scene mode is a bit of a disappointment, with the slowest shutter speed available being just 2 seconds.

Enough about that, here are the options you’ll find inside it:.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W150

Your top wishlist Z6 firmware update? Built-in Optical Image Stabilizer.

Step-by-step comparisons down the range suggests that this lens softens up in the last few positions of its travel, and stopping the aperture down has little impact on the overall sharpness. One of the scene modes is Sony’s now famous Smile Shutter feature, which waits until your subject is smiling before taking a photo. The W has a rather clunky menu system, especially the Home menu. Buffer size for JPEG shooting in burst mode frames, max resolution: Main Features Image stabilizer feature.

Pros Fast AF, no perceptible shutter lag Higher ISOs clean and usable Enough playback tools to keep you entertained for awhile Truly impressive battery life Cons Red channel clipping a real problem Auto white balance is disappointing indoors Flash shots full of red eyes Menus still complex, confusing, and laggy to page through.

Sony DSC-W Review

Comes with a case and includes battery, battery charger and AV cable, Memory stick not included. Optical Sensor Size metric.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Love it Instant response time unlike most digital point and shoot cameras. The front panel has a brushed metal appearance, which looks pretty nice. You can add your own background music via the Music Transfer software that I barely touched on back in the software section. Smart digital zoom allows you to get closer to your subject without reducing image quality, but the catch is that you must lower the image size.


The numbering is maintained as you erase and swap memory cards. Perhaps the only negative is thats a little bit heavy being used to the w50 which aslo was an excelent camera.

Be the first to review this item. You can even prioritize the camera to capture photos only when a specific face is smiling. To the upper-right of the lens is the optical viewfinder, with the AF-assist lamp next to that.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W150 Review

Aside from that, the news is good. Although it does bring out a touch more detail in high-contrast scenes, in shooting with the DRO Plus option enabled, be prepared for some fairly serious color and saturation shifts when compared to the standard mode.

Dscw150 to play movie Next, how about those REC mode options? The DSC-W lacks a custom white balance option, and the tungsten preset nor any others cannot handle my quartz studio lamps. Add this product to your shortlist for comparison.