Even the thinnest part was as high as 3. Dell homepage Dell notebook section. I really like the fact the Inspiron is relative light and thin for a Today is November 26th of , and I’m coming back to this laptop a day after receiving it. If choice of features is paramount in your budget laptop, the Dell Inspiron is your best bet among the models in our test group.

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Let’s just see if this processor can keep its pants on and keep itself inspkron overheating, though, because we don’t know yet. This article’s tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia. Because of this, shoppers need to be very vigilant about what the Inspiron comes with.

Review Dell Inspiron 1525 Notebook

If it does, I’ll slam dunk a T in there. Inside other notebooks the access time of an identical hard disk was very good Superb battery life and decent display options are married to a great selection of features, making this one of the best options in the value The SD card filler was ejected upon receipt of the laptop, for whatever reason.

However reading data, or using Internet from SIM cards is not possible without a separate wireless modem -card.

I am upgrading the laptop to Windows Vista, as you apparently can’t upgrade straight from XP to 7. Moreover, this installer’s problem could have easily been avoided by simply positioning the computer right side up instead of upside down when sliding in the new SSD.


Despite its look, it is quite a thick notebook. However, it is still within the average range of this notebook category.

Dell Inspiron 1525

The continuous dark grey and silver plastic looks due to some small metal applications and mqrvell integrated speakers, located above the keyboard, more vivid. However, it is definitely not designed for current 3D gamesthe integrated video chip by Intel is simply not powerful enough for this field of operation.

The benchmark results of the Dell Inspiron are throughout typical for this notebook category. Dell Inspiron on Ciao.

The display is kept closed solely by its own weight and the tractive power of the two easily moving hinges – an arguable design.

However, this does not belong to the typical fields of operation of starter notebooks.

CNet With a complete top-to-bottom revamp of Dell’s entire laptop line in mid, why the need for a new mainstream model so soon? A transport hook is missing. During our review we had to recharge the battery mostly after three hours.

I tried to find the RPM values for both the fan that I already have, and the one that I ordered, but I could not find them. However, if you do not drive the notebook at its maximum for a longer time, e.


Since the user is able to customize the unit, included hardware varies from laptop to laptop. Decent ‘matte black’, ‘Flamingo pink’ and colourful patterns, like the ‘Chill’, are available.

Dell homepage Dell notebook section. Please share our article, every link counts!

Review Dell Inspiron Notebook – Reviews

They looked interested and thrilled. So, you can be sure to find one which you like. After the Windows 7 upgrade, it seems that the data previously on the system was lost. The Inspiron has received a great deal of positive attention. PC Mag With a new look and a slimmer design, the Dell Inspiron is poised to provide a seamless computing experience for mobile consumers and deskbound home-theater enthusiasts.

Besides four USB portsFirewireand a good webcam inside the display frame, and a card readerit scores especially points by its digital HDMI out. Bluetooth and HSDPA are available as options – the latter is mostly only provided by expensive business notebooks. This page was last edited on 3 Augustat Even so, its sleek design, strong dual-core onspiron, long battery life, and edll multimedia components set inspirom apart from the pack.