Up early for cmto Mize puts your brand in the consumer’s hand! Food and wine enthusiast. Before we go too crazy, let’s be sure you have the correct driver for your device. Trivia night would be mine. The aim of the module is for you to gain an understanding of current debates on the principles and theories linking education to development in a range of social contexts.

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I would always capture life’s greatest moments! I would help educate people on the aspects of emergency pre-hospital care, what we do and why we do it.

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The objective of Contemporary World Development is to examine c-link debates around development objectives, processes and agencies. Further Reading Water Security Research Centre The Water Security Research Centre WSRC brings together researchers from across UEA to address the theoretical, practical and policy challenges of managing and governing water for different human, economic and environmental needs from the local to the global scales.


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Key topics to be discussed in the module include how to define and measure democracy and “good governance”, explanations for the emergence of democracy, theories on the survival of democracy and dictatorship, local forms of governance and democracy, aid and governance, trust and cooperation, the effects of democracy and dictatorship on prospects of economic development, and key challenges to democracy in the 21st century.


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