Are the Russians the best in the world at cracking software? This time, the contest was sponsored by Rainbow Security , the exclusive distributor of CodeMeter in Russia. CodeMeter combines the following applications:. The license is stored securely in a CmDongle. Software vendors can use functions that were not yet available at the time of delivery. Each CmDongle is equipped with an internal clock.

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Other contestants failed to jump other hurdles. A CmDongle contains all the licenses in the secure memory of its smart card chip. Not only were there no outright winners, cosemeter one was able to perform even a partial crack.

Are the Russians the best in the world at cracking software?

This time, the contest was sponsored by Rainbow Securitythe exclusive distributor of CodeMeter in Russia. These partial winners discovered some weaknesses in our system which we not seen before.

The license is located on a server in the cloud CmWAN. In each CmContainer, you can license up to 2, products simultaneously.

Wibu-Systems Hackers Contest 2011: Unbeaten for the Sixth Time

CmDongles are enabled with two communication interfaces: This process allows the activation, upgrading, and deactivation of licenses.


And the discovery of these weaknesses allowed us to strengthen our overall security.

Protection Suite is the tool that automatically encrypts your applications and libraries. Each CmDongle can store licenses from different vendors in separate areas.

You define the degree of tolerance to changes in the computer. All on a CmDongle. The license update can be transmitted automatically by means of CodeMeter License Central. Although the challenge was theoretically solvable, none of the contestants could fully remove the protection. Once integrated, you can:. CodeMeter requires your attention only once: CodeMeter as a Process. You have total freedom to define the license models and the repository where licenses are stored, and have the opportunity to mix and match the wide array of options available:.

Coddmeter time-based licenses are automatically checked on the CmDongle against the internal clock.

It provides an intelligent synchronization mechanism, is available for all form factors, and needs no battery, meaning an unlimited running time. Software vendors that make use of CmDongles can update licenses directly in the field. The chance of breaking the bit AES encryption was nearly to none.

The firmware update is signed by Wibu-Systems and can be distributed online or offline. The user can also reserve licenses for network users, Active Directory groups, or specific computers and create usage reports. Smart Card Chip for Top Security. If your needs match even one of these points, CodeMeter is the optimal technology for you. In turn, the software vendor creates a remote update file that can be imported only once to that specific CmDongle.


Software vendors can make a choice before delivering the units, and set HID or MSD themselves or leave the choice open to their customers. Datasheet Datasheet The core of every CmDongle is a smart card chip, which includes a microcontroller with a secure storage area for cryptographic keys and the firmware.

Hacker’s Contest | Wibu-Systems USA

This architecture allows the delivery of your software and data directly via a CmDongle. CodeMeter offers maximum flexibility. Additional Mass Storage Flash Memory. CodeMeter supports the complete range of controllers, devices, and computers: