The 16 fps frame rate is also on the slow side. Preparing this level of information on as many products as we do is incredibly hard work, not to mention expensive. Overall, another nice job on a CD-based digicam, with useful improvements over last year’s top-end model, and at a lower cost to boot. It includes a spare battery, 3 CD-RW discs, and a carrying case. This camera, one of the latest in the Mavica line intrigued me. To the upper-left of the lens is the laser for Sony’s exclusive Hologram AF laser focusing system.

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This added illumination boosts the effective brightness of the LCD’s backlight, making the display much more usable in direct sunlight and other very bright shooting conditions.

Overall, a good camera and good collectors item for those into the Mavica genre. He takes a look back at the first ten years of DPReview’s development from its original conception, through a period of massive growth, to the site’s acquisition by Amazon.

The CD uses the powerful 8. Aony values available are the same as below.

Sony MVC-CD500

You do this by pressing the Focus button under the LCD repeatedly until the little focus bracket icon appears in the LCD’s cr500 righthand corner. Intro and Highlights 2. There is no noticeable shutter lag when you press the shutter release button fully. Instead of messing around with cables and driver software, you simply take the CD from the camera and slide it into your computer’s CD-ROM drive.

We are accommodating this request with special copies of each review, formatted wony allow the text flow to be dictated by the browser window. Also useful in limited lighting is the Hologram AF assist light, selected via the Setup menu, which helps the camera make adjustments in Auto Focus mode.


The Command wheel lets you adjust the exposure compensation, aperture, and shutter speed settings quickly. While you’re soyn it, download the PDF manual and quickstart guide as well. You can record up to 40 seconds of sound for each image by holding down the Shutter button after you’ve snapped the photo. The CD Mavicas are not Mac friendly cameras.

Sony Mavica MVC-CD500 5.0MP Digital Camera – Black

Everything up there should be self-explanatory, skny I want to cover one feature found in program mode: We’ve selected our favorite lenses for Canon DSLRs in several categories to make your decisions easier. Viewfinder For composing images, the CD features a color LCD monitor that automatically activates whenever the camera is powered on.

Pour yourself a cocktail and enjoy. Dec 27, Though simple enough for a novice, the MVC-CD model includes advanced Multi-point Auto Focus and Multi-pattern exposure systems to capture the shot properly the first time.

Explore the images on the pictures soonyto see how the CD’s images compare to other cx500 you may be considering. Single AF is just like you’re used to: For those who want the convenience of floppy storage, but with more capacity, Sony offers their CD Mavica line. Continuous AF I’d call this one tracking AF myself will focus before you press the shutter release button, and will continue to focus even with it halfway pressed. Although the original image is still physically recorded on the disc, it is no longer accessible to either the camera or a computer.


Also, in common with essentially every other digicam offering movie recording with sound, you can’t actuate the CD’s zoom lens while you’re recording a movie, vd500 because the sound of the lens motor would be too obtrusive.

Sony Mavica MVC-CD MP Digital Camera – Black | eBay

Get closer to your subjects with the Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 3x optical zoom lens mm equivalency in 35mm photography. It consists of a small translucent window at the top of the LCD visible in the photo above as the very bright bar on top of the LCDwhich lets in ambient light behind the LCD screen to boost the effective brightness of the backlight.

The standard spec for full-sized CDs is a capacity of roughly megabytes, but megabyte and larger discs are now quite common. Founder Phil Askey on the first ten years.

Finally, the Left Arrow activates and deactivates the Quick Review function, which displays the most recently captured image on the LCD screen. The black body is a nice mix of metal and high-grade plastic. You can also do basic editing, like soby color, brightness and contrast, and redeye.

The Format function takes several minutes to complete.