Adams Idea a12 OS. The heel-toe weighting is amplified in the longer irons for more forgiveness, and less differentiated in the shorter irons for more shotmaking capabilities. I am still gaming some Cleveland Reds from 4 seasons ago. Even though I am a 20 handicap. They are the well worn in shoe, of course. They are SO easy to hit.

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You can read the details HERE.

If I had my druthers I would put the M1 in the bag as it stands now. Overall, I thought the M1 and M2 are pretty good looking, but I would definitely give the edge to the M1. You must be logged in to post a comment. I do remember that hitting the Tour 5 iron just felt good. Both sets are player’s irons with higher bounce angles, which is really attractive.

The J40s have all the markings of a Tour callqway club, with a high-face-progression design The face is taller in shorter clubsand a compact design that’s ripe for shotmaking.

Second Guesses: Did You Make The Right Decision On Those New Irons?

High trajectory and very long. Available in 2-PW in steel shafts. I decided on the TWVs because I wanted the extra performance and forgiveness. In fact, to be honest, I hit the long irons the best!


These butter knives are poised to win some big check on Tour, thanks to a 4D muscle-back design that optimizes the CG location in each club. Available 3-PW with Dynamic Gold steel shafts, or in a custom option. Unlike wondering what would have happened had you worked up the nerve to talk to that girl in high school, this question can, thankfully, be answered.

The strength of my game lately has been my iron play, and have a decent short game putting can improve of course. Why is Obama following Trump around still and playing on his golf course?

Posted 29 May – John Jun 11, at 1: Available in a blend of hybridscavity-backs and scoring irons PW-SW in steel or gr. Which brings us to….

Callaway X Forged vs. Cobra Amp Cell Pro – Equipment – GolfWRX

Did you take the right person to homecoming? Several functions may not work. Want MyGolfSpy’s email newsletter? Who irons their clothes anymore? I mentioned to a few other golfer that I was reviewing this set and their reaction was the same.

A putter-obsessed recreational golfer, constantly striving to improve his game while not getting too hung up about it. Jump forward to this past summer, and you would have found the RAZR X irons from the year before in my bag.


Add some progressive offset and you sv a high-launching set of irons that are forgiving and longer than you’d probably expect.

The launch monitor data backed up what I was seeing on the course.

Callaway Razr X Black Drivers

GolfSpy Dave 6 years ago. They are THAT easy to hit. Seekers of maximum forgiveness!

James Feb 6, at 5: The 5 iron distance for the Tours was very surprising, especially as this was the last set of balls that I hit. The Mashie looks cool in every way, and frankly, nothing looks cooler than scratching more pars and birdies on the score card. All advice from folks who have been playing through the GI club craze I missed the start of are very welcome.

Go with the Callaway set.