Data transmission in the Nibble mode are made via the existing control lines in units of for bits Nibble. It has specially designed components such as gears, cutting blade and covers to guarantee its lifetime. Change made with the power on have no effect and then on again. When its state is high level signal, 2SD drive the solenoid to open the cash drawer. The transfer type of the printer is the BULK.

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Separate the holder-button and button-push from the case-main.

Turn the printer off. And the host transmit a data to the Printer. Never allow these components to come into contact with metal or other hard objects. After removing an ESD-equipped assembly, place it on a conductive surface such as aluminum foil to prevent accumulation of electrostatic charge.

BIXOLON SRP Service manual |

The self-test automatically ends and cuts the paper after printing the following. Some components are raised above the printed circuit board for safety. Color light order alarm optionalBee Plug USB cable connector into the connector on the printer.

New Oji Paper Mfg, Co. For this reason, the specifications of the product and manual contents are subject to change without prior notice. Do not use any paper other than these specified in this manual otherwise print head reliability and print quality are affected adversely. Immediately before removing the protective material from the leads of a replacement ESD, touch the protective material to the device will be installed.


Turn on the power while holding down the FEED button. Change made with the power on have no effect and then on again. Figure illustrates the keyed connector protocol. Minimize body motions when handling unpacked replacement ESDs. During the years, the company extended its own business in the way of business computer solutions.

Shenzhen Yujinxiang Technology Co. Ltd/(Thermal / Dot mini Printer Mechanisms)

This new thermal receipt printer offers high speed Lift the cover assembly B by hand and open the cover. This mode allows data transmission from the asynchronous printer under the control of the host computer.

Clean the thermal element the area that looks like it is marked a thin black line of the thermal head with a cotton swab moistened hixolon an alcohol solvent.

Connect an insulation resistance meter V to the blades of the AC plug. Refer to the Operation Manual. Reset circuit uses a reset KIA The host can receive a data. Troubleshooting This chapter describes the methods for troubleshooting in this Receipt Printer.


Troubleshooting; Power Problem – Bixolon SRP Service Manual [Page 43]

Run any software program that sends data to the printer. Ground Ground This signal indicates whether the printer is busy. After you make sure that the printer is off. Note that the thermal head Thermal element and Radiation plate becomes very hot during normal operation, creating the danger of burn injury. Open the cover and close it again completely The spring pushing the head is not strong enough B Check whether the screws holding the spring are loose. Big gear, Big motor80mm diameter super paper rollVersatile and adaptablePaper end sensor availableSm First read the Safety Precaution section of this manual.

If the problem persists after taking these steps, check the other possible causes listed.