It says page not available. Such customization is usually only done through ddwrt, openwrt etc. This diverse knowledge team is ably led by some of the most experienced and seasoned professionals of the Indian Telecom industry. Your response will be highly appreciated. The reason is that Airtel engineers installs custom firmware on the router when the provide their connection which is suited to their network.

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I am listing the steps below:. The reason is that Airtel engineers installs custom firmware on the router when the provide their connection which is suited to their network. Posted by Manvendra Singh Rana at KALA May 4, at 8: Sometimes internet connection also gives trouble and we think it is the wifi of the pc which might be fault.

Thanks a lot in advance. Nowadays all the laptops are with wifi and even desktops are with wifi. Any way to resolve this? Sameer Ranjan Jaiswal October 18, at 4: The modem is showing: Turn on the router and Connect broadbanc computer or laptop to the router with the help of LAN Ethernet cable. You give a nice thing.


Binatone Broadband ADSL 500 USB Modem

Airtel Broadbands Chandigarh 2 August at Tarun Sharma October 8, at 7: For any queries also, you can comment below. I’m obviously connected Last edited by MegaTsunami; April at I am listing the steps below: I searched for broadbxnd guidance on resolving the issue on internet but could not find anything useful.

Will be happy to ready. Krishnan C 8 May at KALA May 6, moodem 5: Are you connecting to the modem with cable?

I have binatone DT ADSL2+ modem. Using this, how do I connect BSNL internet? – Quora

Do you really need it? One thing which is most vital to set up arrange between these electronic gadgets and phones are Internet.

Anup 26 March at But it actually worked and i m so happy …. Was fun to read and learn this way.

If you want to go back to Broadand firmware, download it here: BulldogDSL say it’s down to Binatone as it’s their modem. The wire they bring in to my home comes with an RJ45 jack.


Please mail firmware moidinmkm gmail. Saturday, 3 March Configuration on Airtel connection. My email is qasimsc gmail.

Use Binatone DTW Airtel Wifi Router with BSNL broadband | Idle Reveries

Steps to downgrade to BSNL firmware: For a while i was able to use the modern without upgrading the firmware, then suddenly after week it started happening i called up my nearest broadband exchange as well, they did reset the port and everything but still i was not able to get internet access through this modem so i looked up for solution and your blog was the first thing that showed up in the result when i googled up my query.

Nice blog great information. Moin May 2, at