I bounce from bass, to synth, to slide bass and now even some guitar all through the same rig. I don’t think you can go wrong with either options you are considering. Note that both pedals will color your sound a little bit and you can’t dial that out. If the answer is yes then I guess that i should go for the VT? That’s what sold me on that one. Works for acoustic, etc. Yes, my password is:

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sansamp bass driver di vs the para driver.

I loved the BDDI, especially once i found the magic spot on the blend control. SansAmp is a really awesome pedal and is prized by many bassist for its tone. I use the Deluxe so I have multiple presets I have one set for my basic sound, one with added gain and low end for chorus, and one with mids cranked for leads and an effects loop. Sounds like you’ve talked yourself into it. If the answer is yes then I guess that i should go for the VT? I too started off with the BDI The DI, the possibility to power it via Phantom Power and the line level control adds further to the possible ways to utilize this pedal, and clearly it has been designed for a wide range of applications.


Once Bdid get a new bass or start trying out options, I’ll need to make sure pedals play nicely parx the bass. It’s quite the ballsy sound.

Tech 21 Bass DI’s?

They’re both highly regarded but tone is a very personal thing and it’s hard to say what you would like, not being you. Check the sidebar, the FAQ, and search for your answer before making a post. Much more versatile than anything else I’ve seen mentioned here. And I have never regretted that investment. Yeah man, if I had any skills with recording if make a demo or something, but sadly that’s not my expertise. I set it flat so the sound is just like my Ray but distorted.

Oct 7, Why become a member? I got a behringer one to see if I liked it before shelling out on the sansamp and have never got round to getting the sansamp. Aug 28, 3.

We encourage you to report spam posts or bdid that violate the rules, but please send a message to the moderators at the same time. Loads of options, selectable shape control which I personally don’t use, as my rig is pretty low endy!

The Liverpool is a good backup for my amps, it takes pedals very well. Go on and listen some records. Warwick Thumb 5 BO: It sounds better than the sansamp to my ears, and gives you lots of control over your mids, which is good. What type of bass do you play? It’s hard to go wrong with either pedal really or the Para Driver but if more dirt is desired then the Gddi is it.


Aug 28, 2.

Knob layout still not super logical, but once you get it there are no issues at all. Also, do not post links to giveaways where you personally benefit getting more entries by propagating spamming a link. We have lots of common questions with pafa of common answers.

sansamp bass driver di vs the para driver. | Harmony Central

No, create an account now. Play them and see psra you like if possible. If you’re gigging – you’re gonna need an 8 space rack. From preamp-like means before an amp or recording session, or as part of an in-ear monitoring scenario. All times are GMT Go To Topic Listing Effects.