Other lightweight drivers on the market have heavy swing weights that are difficult for most players to release resulting in shorter drives that end up right of the target line. See our huge selection of golf carts , golf balls , golf drivers , golf gifts , golf shoes , golf irons, golf accessories, golf bags , golf putters , golf wedges, hybrid golf clubs , golf apparel , ladies golf equipment , golf push carts and golf tips. How can they possibly hope to top that? The driver is very Adams. Both are available in regular, stiff, or x-stiff flex.

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Since then Adams has refined gofl design; with the newest version being the UL driver. It looks like I transposed some digits, used the wrong numbers in other places, and forgot to change some other numbers we copy one review to the next to give us a template to work from.

The point is, even if I, and many others are perfectly content with the LS, Adams still needs to offer a complete lineup. But overall the shaft head combo fits an easy swing. From an accuracy standpoint, while the overall averages are well…average, based on the splatter pattern shown on our interactive charts, the UL may not be quite as golc as some others.

This suggests that when you catch the ball flush on the sweet spot there is some serious pop, however; the best results are not easily repeatable. Ultra Easy Length off the tee Adams has been pushing the limits of the speedy lightweight qdams now for the past couple years.


Fortunately, the UL is one speefline those clubs where our testers realize how long it is. Designed to produce a higher launch in an easy to hit package, the Speedline LP looks to be a strong companion to the previously mentioned UL driver. That is my dispersion is bad with Adams drivers.

In addition to tour models for better players, draw biased models for big slicers, and the standard models for most everybody else, many manufacturers are now offering Ultralight models. Of all the combos out there right now, this has to be just about the best looking stock driver on the market. Notify me of new posts by email.

I loved the Adams A4 D and really tried to like the Fast series, but never loved them. Sign me up for the newsletter. Spin was gollf of the road.

Adams UL Driver – IGolfReviews

There are 3 slightly curved depressions carved into the crown. Follow along as we take a look at speedlinw of the newest offerings from Adams Golf. In the case of the Adams UL, nearly every tester rated it no better than average. The excessive bulge in their faces.

Adams Golf Speedline UL Womens Driver at

Adams has been rolling out new clubs on the regular lately. The head alignment on the Cobra S3 8. The sole has a matte finish, which gives it an almost raw appearance, which is actually kinda cool. Both are available in regular, stiff, or x-stiff flex. All versions are available for right handed players, though the standard Speedline LP 3 wood and 5 wood are available in left handed models as well. The stated uk of the UL is only D0.


Thanks for the info on MB2s, I really like the look of them. The sound is very Adams.

Adams Golf Speedline 9088 UL Driver Golf Club

Tester Perceived Forgiveness Score: He did not do anything to adjust swing weights, just swapped out the shaft. It is that ideal combo many are looking for, higher launch with lower spin. Hell Yes, it did.

Of course, 46 inches is too long and I did not try it with the stock shaft. Fix that, and you have a winner.

A few years back every OEM in the game was preaching bigger is better. It is light, but feels really good.